Author: BMF NHS Admin

Veronica had been unable to exercise after having her gall bladder removed and developing pancreatitis 25 years ago. After years of not being able to exercise, Veronica took up BMF Active – low impact, hour-long outdoor exercise classes – and now she's fitter than ever. Since August, she's lost nearly three stone, dropped four dress sizes, improved her posture, become physically stronger and more flexible, no longer takes painkillers for her knees and has gained several friends too! What's more, Veronica, who's 69, now finds it easier to do everyday activities like reaching for things at the back of the cupboard, her moods are brighter and she's more knowledgeable about which exercises to do to work for different muscle groups.

I joined Active in September 2018 after I saw something flash up on Facebook. I never thought I'd be doing anything like this, but I've been very impressed. I tried gyms before but being outside is so much better. I found my first session really hard at first. I didn't know what a bench dip was and I could only do one repetition, now I can do about 15. From the off, everyone was so friendly and encouraging."

The instructors are great at adapting exercises if you find them too difficult. I just love BMF Active and it suits me down to the ground – literally! The one thing I never seem to learn is not to say: "Oh that was quite easy!" because the instructor soon varies exercises to make them harder. It never gets boring! I think all of us have improved, particularly how much we now run. The instructors are firm and it's so much better than exercising by yourself because they've got the expertise to tell you if you're doing exercises incorrectly. I can't think of anything I'd change about BMF Active.

The group in Guildford are also very friendly and welcoming. People often go for coffee afterward. Never a slice of cake though! When I first started going to Active and I was running late - I would have thought, "oh I won't bother!". But now I rush to go, even when it is raining! I want to be there to push myself, reach new goals and catch up with everyone for coffee afterward.

I used to be size 24 and weigh 18 stones. Since August, I have dropped 4 dress sizes and I have lost 3 stone. I get everywhere faster and I walk more because I can now. My posture and range of movement have really improved. I've lost inches around my thighs I feel so much better all round. General day-to-day tasks are so much easier. I think I might be becoming addicted to exercise!

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