Do workouts your way

Do workouts your way

Author: Dean Suazo

Are you new to working out or finding your self feeling lost and unmotivated with the idea of going to the gym for an hour?

The first important step to finding a workout you enjoy is to identify your fitness goals. If you don't see each and every workout moving you closer to your goal, whether thats improving your cardiovascular health, building strength, gaining muscle or tackling that first 10k, you're not going to enjoy it!

Once you have identified your goals, you can start to build a plan around it and eliminate any kind of workouts you don't like to do. You wouldn't take up a marathon if your goal was to build muscle, right?

Here a few things to consider when choosing a workout to suit you:

  • What are you good at?

It's normal to enjoy activities you're good at and hate the ones that don't come naturally. Don't be afraid to try new things and get out of your comfort zone, you might surprise yourself!   

  • Do you like working out on your own or with a friend?

Some people love training on their own and use it as a time to clear their heads, or maybe you're someone who loves training with a buddy and you both use that time to socialise with one another. 

  • Do you like to be indoors or outdoors?

Finding the right environment that supports your physical and mental health equally, is crucial. You may be someone who prefers to be training outside in the unpredictable weather, or love the warmth of the gym.

  • How do you feel about team sports?

Sports and other activities outside the gym are often forgotten when people consider their exercise options. If you find going to the gym for an hour boring, why not try a team sport, contact your local football or netball team and take part in a training session.

  • Do you like variety in your workouts?

Some people love consistency, while others get bored easily. You might be someone who loves getting up early and going for a run before work everyday. But if you prefer to mix things up, you might need to consider running on some days and weight training on others or incorporating new classes to your schedule.

In order to achieve your goals or maintain your fitness, the key is consistency, so find a routine that works for you, that fits into your schedule, and most importantly that you enjoy!

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