Online Events


With Jo Genarri NHS England, Dolores Parr Imperial College and Jo Crowley Olympic Judo Coach.

As part of NHS Fit, you are invited to join Jo Gennari, Dolores Parr, and Jo Crowley in a live webinar. As a society we are notoriously poor at looking after our own health and will often put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list when it comes to taking care of our own physical and mental wellbeing. This is amplified even more if it is your career to care for others! This webinar will tackle the reasons why it is so important to take the time to take care of yourself and the positive impact that can have on the people around you

Intro to Exercise

With Tommy Mathews

Join to kick start your journey to physical activity. Intro to exercise will take you thru the basics of core stability, strength, cardio, flexibility and balance. Suitable for beginners or anyone that is new to exercise

Coping Techniques For Dealing With Stress

With Kelly Thistlewaite

In this webinar, Kelly will explore the many ways in which stress can affect our body and nervous system. We will look at what dysregulation in the nervous system looks like and I will talk you through ways to improve your self-awareness.ย Kelly will finish by guiding you through a few accessible and key techniques to help build capacity and reduce your stress response.

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